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It was the most unexpected business launch.  Jim’s + real estate?

Or was it?

The Jim’s Group now has over 50 Divisions the majority of who remain dedicated to service provision to the homeowner.

With existing divisions such as Jim’s Conveyancing, Jim’s Finance and Jim’s Interior Designs and the expected arrival of many more domestic service Divisions it is arguable that the launch of a Real Estate division was inevitable and in fact builds on the strengths of the Jim’s Group and its existing relationship with the marketplace. Consider this fact. Jim’s Group receives almost 800,000 calls per year wanting a Jim’s Group service. All of these people are well aware of Jim’s brand and often continue to use other Jim’s services after their first enquiry. Imagine the advantage of talking to a client that has already had a great experience after engaging one of the many other Jim’s Group services!

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Yes, Jim's can help you sell your property for a fantastic price, whilst giving you an efficient and professional service, second to none.

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Find your perfect property!

Jim's Real Estate is a team of dedicated real estate agents who go the extra mile for their clients. If you'd like to become one of our clients, we'd love to hear from you!

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Start your own real estate agency franchise

Join the other successful real estate agents who decided to join our Jim's Real Estate franchise and launch their new agency faster and for less outlay.

I thought Jim's were lawn mowers?

At first glance, Jim -the mowing man with the hat and beard- is not the obvious choice for real estate, but stick with us.  Jim’s is recognised by over 94% of the Australian population for a reason.  We are in and out of homes every day. Fixing and servicing them, whether it’s your lawns, washing your dog or fixing your antenna and much much more. In fact, almost all of the new Jim’s Group Divisions are now professional services such as Jim’s Finance, Jim’s Conveyancing and Jim’s Insurance. So the launch of Jim’s Real Estate became an obvious step.

So what does a lawn mower know about real estate?

Nothing, but don’t worry our lawn mowers have not just become real estate agents. All of our Agents are fully licensed and have worked in the industry with many years of experience gaining the best return for their clients.

So what makes Jim’s Real Estate different?

Anything you read about Jim’s Group will confirm it is about a level of customer service well beyond any experience you have had before. Jim Penman the founder of Jim’s Group has built the business on the premises of having our clients receive the very best customer service that an industry can provide. So much so if you are not happy with the service you receive you can call Jim personally to discuss it with him. How many CEO’s of other companies can you talk to when you are not happy?