Being involved with Jim’s Group for many years I hear many comments about Jim’s Group, it’s divisions as well as franchising in general. Most of these comments come for a lack of understanding about the Jim’s Group structure and assuming all Franchise systems are the same. So, I thought I would answer some of the most common comments we hear.

What does a Jim know about Real Estate?

The simple answer is, not a lot (but be assured he does own a couple of properties)!! Jim’s Group is a Franchise system that has been replicated (when you have worked out a winning formula you stick with it!). There are currently 54 divisions of Jim’s Group and each of these use the same Jim’s Group franchise system and brand. All are individually run and operated in isolation to each other. These Divisions come about from industry professionals approaching Jim’s Group when looking to expand their business. You would be surprised to know how many long operating and well-known business also trade under the Jim’s brand.

Why would I have a lawn mower sell my house.

You wouldn’t. That would be silly. As each of the divisions are separate business, owned and operated by industry experienced people so to are the Franchisees. For example, Jim’s Handyman are experienced in the building industry and perform only building related jobs for their customer. When the client calls our call centre they are put in touch with a relevant local Jim’s handyman. And of course, in our case, our Franchisees are experienced and fully licenced real estate agents.

Jim’s is a large corporate and I prefer to use local people.

Jim’s Franchisees are independently run business and they are local to you. The Jim’s system gives local people in your area the chance to run their own business leveraging off the Jim’s brand. Your Jim’s franchisees are as local as anyone and probably involved in your local community.

If I use a Franchise system, it will cost me more because they need to pay the Franchisor

That maybe the case in some Franchise systems but in Jim’s case our Franchisees pay a fixed monthly fee to use the system (as opposed to a percentage of turnover that has caused the franchise world a lot of media attention recently). This monthly fee is effectively no more than what the normal costs would be if a business was working independently. Rather than paying for their own advertising, marketing, software etc (this is a cost all business has) it is included in one single cost to our franchisee. It’s what makes us different.

This is even more beneficial to our real estate clients. As our franchisees run their own business, they have complete control of commission rates. The vast majorities of agents you will meet are governed by their agency on what they need to charge. The reason for this is everyone including the agent, the agency they work for as well as the brand they trade under wants a share of every transaction. In our case our Franchisees do not share the commission they negotiate so they don’t need to charge what others do.

Franchisees just buy themselves a job.

Funny, I remember back in the middle 90’s seeing a Jim’s mowing franchisee and thinking the exact same thing! Once again, it’s not the case at all. Jim’s franchisees run their own business and are responsible for the growth in their business. They do receive enquiries via our call centre, but they also grow their own business from being involved in their local community. They can turn over $60,000 or $6,000,000 the choice is up to them. They can grow as large as they wish to, and they are not financially penalised for this, in fact we support them to do it if they wish.

Why would I buy a Franchise when I can just do it myself?

I often hear stats  that 60% to 80%  of small business fail within the first two years. I’m not exactly sure what the number is but I do understand that it is high. Why is that the case? Often it is not due to the effort but due to massively underestimating what is involved in bringing a new business to market. The benefit of a Jim’s franchise is that from day one you have an instant turn key business with a nationally recognised brand. In real estate there is a massive amount of compliance and licensing issues to consider and then you need to consider the costs of the marketing just to bring you brand to market. Whilst doing all these things you are also trying to list and sell properties to pay for it all. Just because you like pizza doesn’t mean you should open a pizza shop.

I know someone that tried Franchising and they went broke.

Yep, I hear it all the time too but these stories are based on isolated incidents with no knowledge of what actually happened. As humans we tend to blame outside influences when things don’t work out and if a Franchise business fails it is often the Franchisor that is blamed. Being involved in a Franchise does not guarantee success. It is still up to the individual person to make a success of their own business. It is where most people get the thought that they are buying a job and assume that their success is guaranteed. Franchisees are still responsible to run their own business, they just use the proven systems and the support network of the Franchise system. Success comes from how well they do it. In the Jim’s Group case with almost 4000 franchisees we have proven our system works. It just about following the system.

You get support early and then they forget you.

Once again not true in Jim’s Group. Jim is very strict when it comes to Franchisee support. Franchisors are required to make regular contact and keep notes. The Franchisee is then checked to make sure they have received this support. Not only that every franchisee gets Jim’s personal mobile phone number and can speak to him directly at any time they wish.

I hope this dispels some of the myths. I would always recommend doing your own research.If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to email me at