When preparing your home for sale, you may be considering the need to undertake more than just cosmetic modifications in order to maximise the potential purchase price.

Sometimes an interior make-over or strategic styling are enough, but in other cases it may be warranted to consult with a professional Architect to help overcome inherent problems with layout and flow.

Your Jim’s Real Estate Agent can often provide guidance, as they will usually have their finger on the pulse when it comes to Architects with local expertise.

Alternatively, try contacting the Australian Institute of Architects in your capital city, as they can advise who may be the most appropriate choice based on your locality and the style of your home.

Finding the right Architect for you usually starts with an initial “meet and greet” at your home to determine if you feel comfortable with them.

If so, you can request a list of other renovations undertaken by the Architect, together with testimonials from previous clients.

At this initial meeting (for which there is usually a fixed fee), the Architect will run through various options for making the necessary improvements while being mindful of budget restraints.

An Architect has the training and expertise to consider what options will be the best “bang for your buck” when the main requirement is optimising re-sale potential.

Another valuable aspect of employing an Architect is their familiarity with liaising between other professionals such as Engineers and statutory bodies such as local Councils.

Employing the right Architect could make all the difference when it comes to opening up your home to the scrutiny of the open market!

Rosanna Hurren
Bachelor of Architecture
Member Australian Institute of Architects

With over 20 years experience, Rosanna is our interior architecture specialist.