With more than 1.4 million jobs created, the property industry has now become Australia’s biggest employer. Property Council Chief Executive Ken Morrison directly contributes this growth to the diverse nature of the industry.

‘These are white-collar and blue-collar jobs, from high finance to skilled trades, and from construction to the managers of the most sophisticated commercial properties’ he said.

With an analysis by AEC finding more than 1 in 4 wages rely on the property industry, the housing market has firmly established itself as an important asset to the community – contributing $202.9 billion in 2015-16 to Australia’s GDP – both directly through wages, and contribution to Australia’s economy.

Recognising this widespread growth, the Jim’s group has established a new division – Real Estate. The diverse nature of careers within the property market has opened itself up to fixed fee franchising opportunities, a business model perfect for the Jim’s Group. As such, Jim’s Real Estate emerged as a logical entry point, allowing an experienced, reputable and trusted brand to enter a growing industry.

Establishing a new business model in which agents retain 100% of commission, Jim’s Real Estate has entered the market to provide a new career pathway for existing and emerging agents, provide extraordinary customer experience and to continue expanding the industry.

Although the housing market is unequivocally growing, many work within this space without structure and support. Absent or inadequate support networks and models that prioritise business over agents all restrict individual success. When working with Jim’s, a high priority is placed on structure, support and new technology to help franchisees, franchisors and other employees succeed.

All prospective franchisees receive the opportunity to attend a 3-day information workshop, ensuring you are provided with necessary information regarding the franchise model, to ensure you are making a decision that is right for you. Subsequently, 3 days of Real Estate specific training are provided to ensure you launch your business successfully. A pay for work guarantee, – up to $800 per week – regular Franchise meeting’s, and annual conferences ensure the world’s largest services group can support you in establishing a successful business.

Jim’s Real Estate is committed to accessing and implementing the latest technology systems, and platforms, making a Jim’s Real Estate a truly technology-focused franchise. With 8 out of 10 prospective homebuyers first looking at property’s online, Jim’s significant digital footprint reflects the characteristics of an evolving industry. From customer relationship software, property data platforms, listing portals and customer nurture solutions, Jim’s Real Estate Franchisees have all the tools required to successfully manage their clients and business needs.