In my job position I speak to small business owners every day, discussing what is and isn’t working for them in their business. I find there are two types of people. Ones that make it happen and other that are blaming others. The first group tend to take responsibility on what is happening in their world, the good, the bad and the indifferent.

Those that fall into the second group tend to make all sorts of excuses why things are not working for them. On most occasions these types of people will blame outside influences for why they are not achieving what they need. Things such as “people are different where I live” or “all of the people that live near me are only looking for the cheapest price” are just some examples. It is almost like a memo has gone to everyone in their local area telling them all to behave a certain way!

So why do people do this? The simple reason is that it is much easier to blame outside influences for why they are not getting the results they want, rather than changing the way they go about it. If they believe they are not the reason for the lack of results they don’t need to change. The problem with this is they are effectively waiting for all of their clients to change to suit them and as we know, this will never happen.

An example of this is business owners that are failing to convert their leads to jobs. What tends to happen is that the business owner will come to the assumption that his or her enquiries are just shopping them around for the cheapest price. What is actually happening is that the client does not see the value that the business owner is trying to put forward which is the fault of the seller not the potential buyer.

So, with the mindset that the client is the issue, the seller then decides to reduce their price for the next client. After a period of time (and after burning more potential clients) the business owner has reduced their price to a point that their next clients start saying “yes” because the price is so cheap. The seller then has a perceived reality that it was the pricing all along.

So if you are not getting the results you are looking for, ask yourself the question “what changes can I make in what I do to get a different result” because I can tell you now, your clients won’t change.