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Why become a Jim’s Real Estate Franchisee?

If you, like most experienced people in the real estate industry, have considered launching your own real estate agency you will understand the difficulty involved. Creating a real estate business from startup is a very difficult and costly process. You need to consider the high cost of all of your subscriptions to different platforms and websites just to be able to operate on a daily basis as well as the rent on a shop front and the staff required to run it plus marketing and website maintenance. The other option is to take on an existing Real Estate brand, however, these have a very high initial purchase cost and then take a large percentage of your profit in fees.

Hence the launch of Jim’s Real Estate. A low entry costs highly profitable model that allows you to leverage the highly recognised brand of Jim’s Group.

Why Jim’s Real Estate?

It was the most unexpected business launch of 2017.  Jim’s + real estate?

Or was it?

The Jim’s Group now has over 50 Divisions the majority of who remain dedicated to service provision to the homeowner.

With existing divisions such as Jim’s Conveyancing, Jim’s Finance and Jim’s Interior Designs and the expected arrival of many more domestic service Divisions it is arguable that the launch of a Real Estate division was inevitable and in fact builds on the strengths of the Jim’s Group and its existing relationship with the marketplace. Consider this fact. Jim’s Group receives almost 800,000 calls per year wanting a Jim’s Group service. All of these people are well aware of Jim’s brand and often continue to use other Jim’s services after their first enquiry. Imagine the advantage of talking to a client that has already had a great experience after engaging one of the many other Jim’s Group services.

What is the business?

Within the structure of the Jim’s Group, Jim’s Real Estate has the rights to the franchise and provide real estate services that include:

  • Residential property sales
  • Property management
  • Property buying advocacy (currently under development)

You have the ability to run your own real estate business and provide all of the services of any traditional real estate without the need for a shop front.

What is included in the franchise?

The list below outlines the major inclusions in your Jim’s Real Estate Purchase:

  • Exclusive geographical territory (no one else can market in your territory)
  • Vehicle signage
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
  • Pointer Signs
  • Start up collateral
  • On going professional training

What platforms and software is included?

  • Website
  • Jim’s online
  • Pricefinder
  • My Desktop
  • Formitize Business Software – integrates with Xero
  • Australian based call centre available 7 days a week