Selling your property should include taking the time to think about How to ‘MARKET’ to maximise its opportunities. So, when you’re thinking about marketing refer to our 6 tips to get you started

  1. MAINTAIN key features of your property. Encourage prospective buyers to love your home. Decluttering rooms, polishing surfaces, and simple cleaning all help buyers take interest in your property.
  2. APPEARANCE is vital to success in the sale. With buyers increasingly shortlisting properties based on what they see online, it is imperative all photographs reflect the best features of your home. Buyers are visual, lots of photos and a floorplan are a must.
  3. REFER to other properties for sale within your market. Identifying similarities and differences in the appearance can help you set achievable, yet realistic objectives.
  4. KNOWELDGE about your prospective buyer’s interests can significantly improve the saleability of your property. Understanding popular selling points in your market and relating them to your property helps ensure you can reach your desired outcome.
  5. EFFECTIVENESS of your marketing strategy can be monitored through interest in your property. By identifying the level of interest, you can alter or retain your strategy – such as your online and physical presence – to ensure continued interest on your property.
  6. TWEAK your marketing plan based on the level of interest in your property if needed. Change the front picture of your ad so that your internet listing does not become stale.

When presenting your property to prospective buyers, it is important you MAINTAIN your home to create interest in the property. Recognising our position amongst a network of other divisions, Jim’s Real Estate possess the unique ability to call on other service providers to ensure your property is always presented at its best. Not all 52 Jim’s Divisions can assist, but many such as conveyancing, interior design, finance, building inspections, mowing, painting and cleaning may prove a great assistance to you.

Proper maintenance ensures great APPEARANCE. Eight out of ten homebuyers begin their searches online. Listings with poor or no photos are quickly overlooked. We have collaborated with Open2View, an organisation specialising in property photography. In doing so, an industry specialist will produce high quality material – photographs, HD video’s, signboards and even virtual tours – to ensure your property is presented to its best.

When establishing the appearance of your property, it is important to REFER to other houses in your market. How can you make yours more appealing? What does yours have that similar properties locally don’t have? Draw on those differences and point them out in your text.

Consequently, you will begin to develop KNOWLEDGE about other listings and show these to prospective buyers. Understanding key selling points buyers are interested in can not only hasten the sale of your property, but also increase the value of your home. First home buyers, families or downsizers. Who are you appealing too?

Ultimately you should analyse the EFFECTIVENESS of your marketing plan. Monitoring the level of interest in your property allows you to evaluate the success of your marketing strategy. A lack of interest may reflect insufficient exposure, or the absence of features that buyers are looking for.

Assessing the level of interest should give you an indication on whether to TWEAK your marketing strategy. In consultation with your agent, discuss changes needed in your marketing plan to ensure you achieve your sale objectives.