Trish has always had a passion for real estate, just not the stigma that came with it. After leaving school Trish completed a small business course and this career-driven woman entered the workforce. Taking a job with APT telecommunications, her leadership qualities stood out, elevating to team leader facilitating and running calls across Australia, Singapore, and Asia.

Trish took 4yrs out to start a family but to be truly fulfilled she needed to get back into the workplace with a part-time job in a Holistic Centre, running the back end of the business.

Trish had her first taste of property ownership at 30. Wanting to buy something she could add value to, aesthetically and on small budgets. Spending $20k on renovations she held on to it for 5 years and flipped it for a return of 250%. 

Trish’s 2nd property introduced her to a new way of selling. It was this property that she was introduced to an honest way to sell real estate. Her mantra was formed “Real Estate should always be about bringing Sellers and Buyers together to a mutually agreeable outcome while keeping transparency for all parties”

Trish, completed her Cert IV and Diploma of Property Services in 2011, had a stint with a traditional Real Estate firm, but quickly realised that their way of doing business didn’t sit well with her so she looked for other opportunities. 

Trish found herself at Hello Real Estate, one of the first fixed fee agencies in the country and quickly became right hand lady to Phil Horan. Trish guided the ship through some good and some very tough times. After 4 years she came out the other side an expert of what not to do with a Real Estate business, also concluding that the Australian market needed another alternative to fixed fee real estate. 

Enter Jim’s Real Estate. A trustworthy brand recognised by over 96% of Australian’s, Trish got together her dream team, covering all bases needed, from experts in Real Estate such as Tom Panos, to adopting new technologies and social strategies that the Real Estate industry has yet to see in this country. 

Trish is excited to take on the role of officer in effective control and lead her team in pioneering a new way of selling and managing property. Jim’s Real Estate will empower the vendor to name their commission price, provide a fixed marketing fee unrivalled in the industry and introduce new technology making life easier for all involved in buying, selling, renting and leasing a property.