When it comes to preparing your home for an open inspection you would think it would be obvious on what to do. Let’s remember what we all do in our homes is very different. With that said, the Team at Jim’s Real Estate want to make it as easy as possible so you can “Hang up your boots” on home open preparation.

Here are our quick suggestions for you to implement and at the bottom we tell you how we can take the main part of the stress away

  • Make sure your whole property is neat and tidy when buyers arrive, including the garden and outside areas.
  • Dust, vacuum, scrub, wash, wipe benches– make all those annoying tasks earn their keep.
  • Don’t forget to wipe inside oven doors, and over the range hood especially if its glass
  • Be carful shoving things inside cupboards and wardrobes, in case potential buyers indulge in a snoop as they are buying all the fixtures as well.
  • Remove shoes from the entrance and any hazards people might trip over.
  • Get the big clean out of the way in advance, then keep your place in good condition while your place is on the market. That way you should only need a refresh to prepare for a new inspection date, rather than a top to bottom makeover.
  • Clear out the mailbox and get those rubbish bins emptied and, ideally, out of sight (especially if they’re normally kept where buyers will see when arriving at your home).
  • Enlist our friends at Jim’s Interior Design, to help style and de-clutter if you need a hand – or a friend might even help out. Get a second opinion from someone who can review objectively on your handy work.

OK, how do Jim’s help with the above? When you list with Jim’s Real Estate you will receive complimentary home open service vouchers to use on the day of your open. Imagine having a cleaner, mower or handyman come in prior and it being included in the service that we deliver! (Conditions apply) Call our team today on 131546 and speak with your local Jim’s Real Estate Agent.