I listen to a lot of podcasts and by that, I mean A LOT! I was listening to a story on the weekend that was specifically about sport and how teams turn around their success based on the thoughts and attitude. One story I found particularly interesting was on The British rowing team. The British rowing team had not won a gold medal since 1912. By all measures, they didn’t have a good rowing program.

Then something changed. In anticipation of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the team developed a useful strategy that changed everything. They went from being an average rowing team to winning Olympic Gold.

They developed a one-question response to EVERY SINGLE DECISION they made. This one question allowed them to measure every situation, decision, and obstacle — and to not get derailed where most people do.

With every decision or opportunity, every member of the team asked themselves: WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

Example: you get invited to a late-night party the night before training. WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

If the answer is no… then the decision is no.

Tempted to eat something they knew they shouldn’t? WILL IT MAKE THE BOAT GO FASTER?

The British rowing team used this single question for every decision they needed to make. They destroyed their competition and won GOLD.

This type of thinking may seem extreme or extensive to some people. But the question is, ‘Do you really want to achieve your goal?’ If you do, then there are no excuses.

Don’t get me wrong, I make excuses all of the time on why I don’t do something or another. But I also need to accept I own the outcome or lack thereof. What I do know though if it genuinely in my heart of hearts nothing stops me. It is just about working out the differences between your goals and your dreams and be honest with yourself. Dreams are great but they are just that but if you have a genuine you then need to ask yourself the question on everything you do around that goal, WILL THIS MAKE MY BOAT GO FASTER?